The Grace To Keep On Going

Feb 25, 2023    Milton Bunting

Welcome to "When Ebenezer Talks: Sunday Conversations," your destination for enriching sermons and insightful discussions. In this episode, we are privileged to have Pastor Milton Bunting lead us in a transformative exploration of "The Grace to Keep On Going," drawing wisdom from the scripture in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

Join us as Pastor Bunting delves into the profound truths encapsulated in these verses, unraveling the grace that empowers us to persevere through life's challenges. Through his compelling preaching, he brings to life the message of resilience, strength, and enduring grace found in the pages of 2 Corinthians.

As you tune in, be prepared to embark on a spiritual journey where the challenges of life are met with the grace that sustains and propels us forward. Pastor Milton Bunting's insightful commentary on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 provides a roadmap for navigating difficulties with unwavering faith and the assurance of divine grace.

This episode of "When Ebenezer Talks" is not just a sermon; it's an invitation to embrace the grace that enables us to keep on going, even in the face of adversity. Subscribe now and let Pastor Bunting's wisdom and the transformative power of scripture inspire and guide you on your spiritual journey.